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'Official' Battlestar Galactica LED Toaster

Toasters that burn an image into toast are generally a total snoozefest, but we're impressed with the Battlestar Galactica LED Chrome Toaster made exclusively for Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego. Limited to only to 2,000 units, it fittingly features a moving red LED cyclon eye, and is available only on NBC's online store for $90. [...]

Offal of the Week: Hog's Head

Photo by Ryan Adams
If it's Friday, it must be Offal of the Week! Brought to you by Ryan Adams, author of the blog Nose to Tail at Home, each week we highlight a different part of the animal that you've always wanted to make, but were afraid to ask your butcher for. This week: Hog's [...]

The Feedbag/Citysearch Gearing Up For National Expansion

Add another to the ranks of the New York food blogs going national: a spy tells us that IAC's Citysearch is set to launch local food blogs in many of its markets under the "Feedbag" brand.
Reached for comment, Josh Ozersky, editor of The Feedbag, said, "It's under discussion, is about all I can say. It's [...]

Animated Infographic Sponsored by Hellmann's Urges People to Eat Locally

Here's the video "Hellmann’s - It’s Time for Real," part of Hellmann's Canadian "Eat Real. Eat Local" campaign. Expertly produced by Crush (read an interview with the director), this is localwashing at its best — the corporate parent to Hellmann's is, of course, Unilever.
The statistics regarding food importation and its effects on farmland and the [...]

Stretchy Squid Face on I Survived a Japanese Game Show [video]

The challenges on the TV show I Survived a Japanese Game Show are normally innocent if somewhat demeaning affairs, but last night's episode had an exceptionally gross challenge: "Stretchy Squid Face." The contestants had to rip off the heads and legs off of raw giant squid with their bare mouths while wearing pantyhose over their [...]

Linksplodge 07/16/09

Art for NYT story. Photo illustration by Tom Schierlitz for The New York Times. Prop Stylist: Amy Henry. Food Stylist: Brian Preston-Campbell. Via

We're loving the above photo illustrations that go along with the The New York Times Magazine preview of Frank Bruni's upcoming book, Born Round: "I Was a Baby Bulimic".
Buzzfeed's Ten Best [...]

Doodlebread Home Baking Kit

Doodlebread is a home baking kit that makes loaves of bread with colorful shapes baked into on each slice. Based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland, designer and baker Rose Kane made the Doodlebread with the aim at getting kids baking bread. The kit comes with a silicon baking tin, a durable "squisher," and "doodle shaper," [...]

Food of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

Apollo rehydratable food packaging. Via
The Apollo 11 flight is remembered as a giant leap for mankind, a moment when the world came together to watch Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong hop, skip, and jump across the lunar surface. But the glamour and excitement of the moon landing overshadowed the more menial aspects of the [...]

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