Pre-Hard-Boiled Peeled Eggs in the UK

It's nothing new in the US, but the shelled and pre-hard-boiled eggs from the Happy Egg Company have adorably outraged the British press: The Times wrote: "It makes you weep." The Guardian blogged: "Does anything else so epitomise the indolent sloth, the splattered-shirted, fat-arsed torpor of modern living?" going so far as issuing a call to arms: "Today, I hatch the Boil Your Own movement. Join me. Stand up for patience, decency, craft and civilisation."

In case you were wondering, the eggs are, in fact, quite happy: The Happy Egg Company goes to lengths to promote their "happy" chickens that "exceed standard requirements laid down for Free Range hens" which are "free to roam on green pasture and are equipped with perching platforms and sandpits to enhance the birds' natural surroundings."

The eggs will soon be available in supermarkets nationwide in the UK, but there's a price to pay for said happiness and convenience: 89p (~$1.45) for two or £1.49 (~$2.40) for four.

There's a sorta cute commercial for the Happy Egg Company:

Video: The Happy Egg Co Commercial: Born to Be Wild

Thanks Sarah!

—Raphael Brion

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