Print Magazine's August 2009 Food Issue


Print Magazine's August 2009 "food issue" is on newsstands — it being a magazine about print design (duh), the focus is on mainly product and book design. Here's your ADHD wrapup:

  • One page is dedicated to "the world of food online," which mentions Scanwiches, This Is Why You're Fat (called "a Tumblr page"), Suicide Food, and Midtown Lunch: "All those beige carbs and lunch meats form a compelling quilt of everyday eating."
  • Short pieces on food photo trends, a walkthrough of Aldi with Susan Sellers, and a brief mention of the Momofuku Cookbook.
  • A writeup of Robert Opie's Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising in London.
  • An interview with Celia Cheng of Cravings conducted by Steven Heller,
  • A photo series of seven well-known designers (Alan Dye, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Khoi Vinh, Louise Fili, etc.) in which they talk about their approach to food.



Some of the notable features included:

  • A showcase of The Grateful Palate designer wine labels.
  • A feature on Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks’ massive collection of cookbooks and her eight favorite books.
  • A writeup on two food photographers (Angie Norwood Brown and Kelly Cline) at work.
  • And our favorite, a feature on "legacy design," products on grocery store shelves "that have quietly distinguished themselves by changing as little as possible."

Frustratingly, the website still hasn't been updated to reflect the latest issue with the promised "exclusive extras and online-only features" that we would gladly link to (we've had the magazine in our hands since Thursday). $12.95 for the print edition!






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  1. Thanks for the great writeup! We're thinking this issue is the perfect pre-barbecue summer reading. I hear you about the website update, but luckily, there's a good reason for our uncharacteristic delay: We're preparing a completely redesigned site for relaunch at this very moment, and both the new and the August issue special extras will be up any day now. Thanks for your patience, and we promise it'll be worth the wait!

    Also, a small clarification: we're called Print, it's true, but we write about much more than print design, since we too are digitally obsessed. Of course, our fondness for things printed is forever.

    Emily Gordon, Editor-in-Chief, Print

  2. I look forward to reading this issue. Thanks for the heads up!

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