Sandra Lee Seizure-Inducing Glitch Video


User Kuranuk on YouTube posted this genius compilation of clips of Sandra Lee, capturing her odd verbal tics and exposing her uniquely sexually suggestive and drunkard ways:

"So what I wanna do is lay down on the counter... You're gonna need to roll your sleeves up, and this is the fun part. You're gonna have to get your hands in here, and I love it... be careful of the splatters."

Video: Sandra-Lee-Induced Seizure

[via LTH Forums]

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  1. James

    This is a lot like the Evolution Control Committee's Rocked by Rape that samples Dan Rather, but not nearly as good.

  2. Kyle

    WTF! Cilantro is kinda like parsley for countries in the East?

  3. Patrick R

    It's probably a good thing I don't get the Food Network, otherwise I might have thrown something at Sandra Lee by now and broken my tv.

  4. Wingnut

    She just makes you want to hit her in the face with a toaster.

  5. duffster

    Holy Tablescape! She is a damn nightmare to cooks everywhere.

  6. cheforita

    WOW!!! No words!
    I concur with you Kyle, my thoughts exactly! She is a wingnut.

  7. This is probably one of the best things I've ever seen on the Internet.

    Now excuse me while I go eat some cilantro, you know, being Eastern and all.

  8. nars

    Wingnut, you forgot to add ", in bed" at the end of your sentence...

  9. Jim

    Oh God, I need a cold shower!

  10. OMG. That is the funniest thing EVER. How can they let someone on the Food Network who doesn't know what to do with whole mushrooms???

  11. Dana


  12. Stanley

    You people all must be jealous as she is the hottest looking woman on the planet. Guys don't care about anything except sex and food and she amply fulfills both requirements. I mean, look at her.

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