Stretchy Squid Face on I Survived a Japanese Game Show [video]


The challenges on the TV show I Survived a Japanese Game Show are normally innocent if somewhat demeaning affairs, but last night's episode had an exceptionally gross challenge: "Stretchy Squid Face." The contestants had to rip off the heads and legs off of raw giant squid with their bare mouths while wearing pantyhose over their faces. It's surprising that anything so gag-inducing and cringe-worthy, rivaling anything on Fear Factor, could air on television.

Video: Stretchy Squid Face on I Survived a Japanese Game Show

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  1. maxpickle

    the tags for this video should be: reality show victims, fetish,seafood,torture.
    My calamari craving is obliterated.

  2. I didn't even watch it all, but I hope a copy is preserved somewhere safe so future species can watch and see exactly what humans were doing while the oceans were being savaged. I started to say "dying," but it ain't the oceans that are not going to get out of this alive.

    Wright Brothers are going to have some explaining to do in hell for making this even possible.

  3. cheforita

    OMG!!!! This is hilarious...what will ppl do to be on shows and what will ppl think of next???? WOW

  4. Please to note that the prize for winning this show is $250,000.

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