Tantalus Dinner by Ioli Sifakaki: Tableware Cast From Her Own Body [food art]

Photo via rca.ac.uk.

Ioli Sifakaki, a student at the Royal College of Art, made ceramic tableware set cast from her own body and invited a dozen men to a feast. The dinner service was inspired by the Greek myth of Tantalus, who, after revealing the secrets of the gods, cut up his son, boiled him, and served him as food as a sacrifice for the gods.

Photo by Matthew Booth.

Sifakaka told Dezeen: "The ritual of eating is a key element in my work... By casting myself, I copy, dismantle and offer parts of me, in order to provoke new, unusual relationships between the maker and the user." Note that there's no silverware — they had to eat with their hands.

See more photos at Dezeen and Matthew Booth's website.

[via Ektopia]

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