The Cloud Project: Food Truck Makes Ice Cream-Flavored Snow


Photo via hayeon on Flickr

The Cloud Project is a food truck that uses cloud-seeding technology to make ice cream-flavored snow. Completely conceptual, this project by Zoe Papadopoulou and Cathrine Kramer is part of the 2009 Design Interactions Show at the Royal College of Art.

How it should work: A canon mounted on top of the ice cream truck would shoot a combination of liquid nitrogen and ice cream flavor compounds into the atmosphere, "leading to flavored condensation nuclei that will seed ice-cream clouds."


Photo via hayeon on Flickr

Functioning as a regular ice cream truck, they served up ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, with the goal of educating the public, "as a platform for experts to engage with real people on nanotechnology and geoengineering."

Says the Cloud Project's website:

Developments in nanotechnology and planetary-scale engineering point to new possibilities for us to conform the global environment to our needs. These advances combined with a dream to make clouds snow ice cream have inspired a series of experiments that look at ways to alter the composition of clouds to make new and delicious sensory experiences. Using ice-cream as a catalyst for interesting dialogue, the project’s focus is to welcome people into a mobile space that sits outside institutions, letting new audiences experience and imagine emerging scientific developments and their consequences.

Science! Ice cream! The future is indeed frosty and delicious.

[via WMMNA]

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  1. Wow. Innocent cloud ice cream can only lead to a blizzard sundae.

  2. Amy

    If this is the future, I want in!

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