The National Baby Food Festival in Fremont, Michigan


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Look out, Aspen and South Beach: Fremont, Michigan, home of the Gerber Products Company, kicks off its National Baby Food Festival today. Events include competitive baby food-making and (our favorite) an adults-eating-baby-food contest in which two-person teams are blindfolded and forced to feed one another various fruit purees.

Beyond the requisite parades, beauty queens, and turtle races, not to miss are the child pie-eating contest and the creepy baby crawl race that nets the winner a $500 life insurance policy.

— Cammie Nguyen

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  1. Helen

    A $500 life insurance policy is basically the worst prize in the history of ever. "Hey, your baby died, good thing it crawled faster than all those other babies at that one festival because now you get FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS!"

    • Emily

      You'd think a baby who could out-crawl the other babies wouldn't need a life insurance policy.

      • Helen

        Ah, but many woodland predators native to Michigan can easily out-crawl a baby - hawks, owls, snakes, foxes, raccoons, weasels, skunks. Wolverines, for that matter.

    • Because not being able to out-run (out-crawl?) a hungry animal should be considered a pre-existing condition that makes you uninsurable.

  2. Helen

    I mean really, it is not even enough to cover the baby coffin. I guess you could buy a mid-range shitty flatscreen or something.

  3. Rob

    In skimming this entry I read it as "competitive baby-making" and my interest soared, but then. Oh. Um.

  4. Paula

    This may sound weird, but: aren't life insurance policies sort of, uh, traditional baby presents?

    Also, those pictures gross me out.

  5. Is that an actual box of baby wipes on the table? To clean your face after the baby food eating competition? Product Placement!

  6. Eat Me Daily: Kid-tested, mother-approved.

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