The Trompe L'oeil Garage: Freak Out Your Neighbors with a Butchered Pig


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Style Your Garage sells a variety of tarps that attach to garage doors, designed to trick your neighbors into thinking that you're running a hog butchery (above), own a vintage car, or the best-seller, a fighter jet.

The catch: you can only fool your neighbors for like five seconds — of course you're not running a strip joint or keeping a giant alligator in your garage. The other catch: you actually need a garage, which eliminates 99.99% of all urban dwellers. The company is well aware of the impediment to sales, and is promising that door and window varieties are coming real soon. Out of Germany, these things cost €169 or ~$238.

If you must, there's also a chicken rotisserie and a wine cellar full of barrels:



[via Geekologie]

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  1. Crumbly

    The sad ones are the *pictures of other garage doors* (

    PS: The ad showing under this post right now is for "CattleMax cattle management software." Oh Google! Thank God you're not yet smart enough to take over the world.

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