This Is Why Your Arteries Are Narrowing [video]

Here's a clip from Good Morning America in which they basically reprise the film Super Size Me (but only for one meal!) by tasking reporters to eat a whole lot of junk food, and then had researchers study the effects on their vascular systems.

On the menu: Deep-fried macaroni and cheese, a bacon quesadilla burger, and a mega-sized deep dish sundae from "some of America's most popular chain restaurants" — over 6000 calories and 10x the recommended daily intake of saturated fat. To no surprise: "That fat was also in my veins, narrowing my arteries."

After the segment, host Chris Cuomo tsks tsks all you junk food eaters: "It seems like the more we learn, we still just like don't get it. I don't know what it is, when you see something like that, you're like, it can't be that bad."

Who eats 6000 calorie lunches?

Video: GMA: You Eat It, You Have It

[via The Awl]

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