Tom Colicchio on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [video]

fallon-colichhioLast night Tom Colicchio paid a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote his 'wichcraft cookbook and the upcoming season of Top Chef. Trying to break the mold of "chef on late night" cliché, he and Fallon did a panini quickfire challenge — Colicchio promising that if Fallon won, he'd put the panini on 'wichcraft's menu.

Colicchio made a panini with roast pork, caponata, roasted peppers, and onion confit; Fallon's panini: peanut butter, potato chips, marshmallow fluff, and banana on an english muffin. Of course, Colicchio had to mess around with Fallon's hatred of mayonnaise. Guess who won:

Video: Tom Colicchio on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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  1. James

    Brilliant: I never see you cook on these shows. You're always just yelling at people and judging them.

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