Toys from Japan: Korean Barbecue and the Sushi Train

As far as we're concerned, people in Japan have their priorities straight:  They've got robots making them food and preparing their ramen, their TV shows talk about competitive eating, and now they're getting two food-related toys that make our Easy Bake Ovens hide in shame.


Korean Barbecue is ultra-popular right now in the land of the rising sun, so much so that Bandai has come up with a board game where players simulate the process of grilling various kinds of meats and vegetables.  The first one to properly grill one of every item wins the game.  Personally, we'd rather play the game at an actual Korean Barbecue joint.


The real show-stopper is this working sushi train based on Japan's fastest non-experimental N700 series Shinkansen from Epoch.  The train set was made to help Japanese parents teach their children about proper sushi-eating protocols, but we totally dig the idea of a mini bullet-train tearing ass around our dining rooms delivering plates of nigiri. Available at Strapya World for 6,200 JPY ($66.10 US).

Video: Shinkansen Toy Sushi Train

[via Gizmodo and Gizmodo]

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  1. J

    It's like Cooking Mama, but in real life, except not in real life. Wait, I just confused myself.

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