Videos of Padma Lakshmi on Star Trek: Enterprise


After Padma Lakshmi signed a development deal with NBC to star in a half-hour comedy series, the AV Club unearthed clips of her in the movie Glitter, so we figured we'd look up some of her other previous acting gigs.

Here are video clips of the episode "Precious Cargo" of Star Trek: Enterprise (aired December 11, 2002) with Padma Lakshmi with a starring role as the alien princess Kaitaama, First Monarch of the Sovereign Dynasty of Krios Prime and heir to the throne. Sort of a throwback/homage to the original Star Trek episodes in which Captain Kirk seduces countless alien females.

The videos display her range: from speaking in an alien language, to acting like a privileged alien princess, to being sad because she's a lonely privileged alien princess, to sexy alien-on-human action (in a swamp, no less).

Anyhoo, here's the somewhat complicated setup: Kaitaama is found frozen in stasis aboard an alien vessel, but when she's accidentally defrosted, it turns out she's been kidnapped for ransom. The alien vessel evades the Enterprise, with chief engineer Trip and Kaitaama on board, who then escape via an escape pod to an inhabitable planet. During the entire episode, the two are argumentative because Kaitaama acts all privileged (she is a princess after all), but on the swampy planet things get risqué.

Padma Speaks in an Alien Language

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Padma Rips Her Dress to Fit Into the Escape Pod

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Padma Has a Sad

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Padma Seduction on the Swamp Planet

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  1. Emily

    To boldy go where no Top Chef host has gone before

  2. maxpickle

    stop. you have me at alien princess.

  3. DL

    And I hear she likes nebbish jewish guys. Score!

  4. James Hanson

    I know she's supposed to be playing an alien, but she's so... robotic.

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