Warning! Guy Fieri Impostor on the Loose in Kansas City!


Guy Fieri would like you to know that he is in New York City and not Kansas City. He tweeted: "In nyc shootin a piece for a major magazine that will be out in dec... So off da hook. Just fyi not in kansas city, someone sayin they're me"

Back in May a Guy Fieri impostor attended a Kansas City Royals game and got interviewed on television. Has the impostor resurfaced?

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  1. Just a thought: I attended the closing night show at Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp here in Los Angeles a couple months back. Fieri had apparently catered the camp, or part of it (although there was some sort of foul-up the last day and he'd laid the job off on a very good local BBQ place, Baby Blues). I guess one of the perks of the job is he got to hang in the VIP section at the Whiskey, where the show took place, and get up on stage and bigfoot around and introduce some of the bands. He appeared to be drunk off his ass. He was, in any event, obnoxious, to the point where, when people in the audience stopped politely indulging him and just sort of stood mute at his extreme wankishness, he started -- wait for it -- yes! Insulting the audience for not being hip enough to appreciate him. It was really one of the more douchey performances by a public figure I've ever seen. So just wondering: Is it possible Fieri cooked up this alleged impostor to cover up for acts of extreme public misbehavior? Because if it is, credit where it's due: It's really sort of brilliant.

  2. LOL! I was at R&R Fantasy Camp too. So I wasn't alone in thinking Guy was, uh, shall we say ... inhospitable?? Hmmm, thought it was only me....

    No secret to my friends that Guy and I do NOT get along. At all. (we've met several times) So I have to admit I'm glad to hear someone else had a similar response to his antics of that night.

    Oh, Guy's a brilliant man, certainly. His mind is sharp as a tack and goes a mile a minute. But I can't buy into his cookin' up an impostor - that's just toooo good.

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