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Linksplodge 08/31/09

Two Vintage Circa 1960s Canned Food With Pull Tops, $5.00 on Etsy. "Still unopened in perfect condition."
Grub Street NY gets a bunch of "prolific eaters" (Bourdain, Schrambling, Nagrant, Platt, Thorn, etc) to chime in on topics like Most Important Chef and Most Overhyped Trend. Michael Nagrant follows up with his full transcript.
The White House [...]

The Vegan Double Down Sandwich [crimes against food]

The vegans are jealous of KFC's Double Down Sandwich, the decidedly not vegan-friendly sandwich composed of pepper jack cheese, Swiss cheese, and bacon using two Original Recipe Filets instead of buns. They can't get in on the fun.
So of course some enterprising soul went ahead and made a vegan facsimile using chikn nuggets, tofu "bacon," [...]

Sheila Lukins, Cookbook Author, Dead at 66

Cookbook author Sheila Lukins died yesterday at the age of 66 from brain cancer at her home in Manhattan. She was a New York food institution and an arbiter of food trends in the 80s and early 90s, and she deserved a much better obituary than the one she received from Julia Moskin at the [...]

NYC Subway Ads: Human Fat Pouring Out of Bottles

The people at the NYC Department of Health care so much about you and your fat ass that they want you to drink less sugary drinks. And since they can't seem to get the political will to get a "fat tax" on the drinks to push them out of everyone's reach, they're just going to [...]

Food + Sex Magazine Debuts

Food + Sex is a new magazine with claims to be "The New Aesthetic of Food" featuring articles about human-incubated yogurt and about eating psychedelic mushrooms ( "Tripping Balls on the Magic Penis"). Heavy on art, light on copy, you can check out a preview of issue zero. Here's their description:
Collage art food magazine, Food [...]

Milkman vs Mailman [video]

From Barats and Bereta comes this sketch from the unaired pilot This Is Culdesac for NBC. Who knew this was an epic struggle?

Agricultural Runoff Turns French Beach into Deadly Algae Stew

Photo: AP
Due to agricultural runoff of fertilizers and human and animal waste, combined with global warming, reports of toxic algae are on the rise. This is pretty devastating: On July 28, Vincent Petit, a 28-year-old researcher in a state-run virology lab, was riding his horse on the Saint-Michel-en-Greves beach in Brittany, when the two were [...]

Tumblr of the Day: Shoulder Cookie

Shoulder Cookie is exactly what you think it is: pictures of people with cookies on their shoulders. [via Urlesque]

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