Adam Richman on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien [video]


Conan: "I'm the villain in like a vegan Western... Your broccoli won't help you now."

Last night, Adam Richman visited The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien to promote the upcoming season of Man v Food. Conan brought out the stunning examples of the enormous food that Richman has tried to eat on his show: a meter-long bratwurst, a five-pound burger, a six-pound burrito, and a massive pizza "it looks like they fed a whole pig into a shredder and let the meat fall onto it."

Conan: When you say "take down" it sounds like you're fighting it.
Richman: I feel like an athlete. It's very much like two men enter, one man leaves.
Conan: Except it's you and a hamburger.

Video: Adam Richman on Conan

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