Burton Morris Pop-Tarts Paintings at Hamilton-Selway Fine Art in Los Angeles


Photographs via hamiltonselway.com

Currently on display at the Hamilton-Selway Fine Art gallery in Los Angeles are a series of Pop-Tart paintings by pop artist Burton Morris. The originals were commissioned by Kellogg's for the 45th anniversary of Pop-Tarts, but Giclee prints are available for $600.


Burton Morris, "Pop-Tart Label - smores", 2009


Burton Morris, "Pop-Tart Label - cherry", 2009


Burton Morris, "Pop-Tart Label - strawberry", 2009


Burton Morris, "Pop-Tart Label - sundae", 2009


Burton Morris, "Pop-Tart Label - cookie dough", 2009

—Raphael Brion

[via Brandfreak]

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