Crimes Against Food: The Dessert Pizza at Max Brenner [video]


Sunday night, the Food Network aired the pizza edition of the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and we were mortified by what we saw right at the end: Aaron Sanchez praising the dessert pizza at Max Brenner: a monstrosity combining chocolate, marshmallows, candied hazelnuts, and bananas, all on top of pale pre-made pizza dough, what appears to be the pockmarked kind that those $1/slice joints use. All passed through one of those rolling toaster ovens that Quizno's uses to toast their sandwiches.

We are fans of Aaron Sanchez, but this is flat-out WTF crazypants, with some suggesting that this is a credibility-destroying recommendation. Is this, as the title implies, the best pizza Aaron Sanchez ever ate?

Also, it's worth noting the appearance in the video of the alleged Max Brenner, who, as recently pointed out by The Feedbag, back in 2006 was said not to exist: "“Just as there is no Johnny Rocket and, sadly, no Chuck E. Cheese, there is no living, breathing Max Brenner—well, not really. The name is actually a composite of two Israeli marketing geniuses, Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner..." but then was recently interviewed in The Age, an Australian newspaper. Who is this man? Why must he call this a pizza?

Video: The Dessert Pizza at Max Brenner

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  1. Jon

    Wow. That's like a music critic admitting his favorite band is Nickelback.

  2. dcc

    While it does look and seem like this would be a crime against all things that are edible...the MB Pizza is really good. Take me out the wood shed, strip me of any foodie cred I might have and humiliate me in front of hundreds (thousands?) of other faceless, nameless holier-than-thou bloggers, but this monstrosity is very tasty.

  3. I have never deigned to try this monstrosity, however I'd at least have hoped that the Bald Man would have built his asstronic pizza on a dessert-appropriate crust. While he's at it he might as well make it with Boboli, Marshmallow Fluff, and Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. Sprinkle some sundae nuts on, too, because that's what this is.

  4. Don Honduras

    Max Brenner is an awful, awful tourist trap, that I'm disgusted to admit I've visited (albeit, not by choice) and just like his "chocolate mess" dessert, his "pizza" was apparently developed by a 5-year old.

  5. venessa

    All the people bagging it that haven't tasted it should be ashamed of themselves. I think you should atleast try it before you say it isn't any good. As all good Australian's know Max Brenner is the best. Who cares if it is a tourist trap we all conform in some way or another anyway. So why not make it taste good.

  6. PR

    I have to agree with those who say it looks awful. I might not be quite as opposed to it if they at least made their own crust, but this looks like something I'd whip up on a drunken dare at 2 in the morning, rather than something I would nominate as "the best thing I ever ate."

  7. Emily

    Yes, Max Brenner's is a tourist trap, but I have been there and it was amazing. I'd like to try this dessert pizza before I insult it.

  8. Amanda

    Okay, I am a native new yorker and I know my pizza. And people, THIS IS A DESSERT PIZZA. Its not going to be the same as your typical pizza. And I have had the dessert pizza at Max Brenners, and it is fantastic. It is NOT a monstrosity. Its decadent, spectacular, chocolaty goodness. The dough, is not exactly pizza like because they don't cook it like a pizza, but its fantastic. Not too thick, but strong enough to support the toppings. THEY CAN'T COOK IT LIKE A REGULAR PIZZA, it would liquify the chocolate and ruin it. So its a thicker dough, while still being delicious. Maybe its not the prettiest dessert, but if you want a satisfying, chocolate covered dessert, this pizza gets the job done. So all of you who haven't even TRIED it, need to calm the hell down, and maybe wait a second before giving an opinion based on nothing.

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