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Photos via d-Vision.

The Israeli d-Vision is an industrial design firm / internship program that has generated some genius work, in particular the tableware in the ouTable collection. Smart and (at times) humorous, the designs shows a deep understanding of the relationship between the natural and the man-made. They say: "Nature is rich not only in shapes and patterns but also by the use of material, construction and ‘nature engineering’. From molecules’ structure to the way ice surface will break into cracks, nature is always surprising in the way it can inspire and tell a story." A few of our favorites:

BBQ Tray


After meat is grilled, it's put on this resting tray where any released juices slowly fill the veins.




A bowl made from spheres of varying volumes, fitting fruit of different sizes.

Small Apple Dish


A plate designed to hold the before and after: "waste becomes an esthetic part of your meal."



A cutting board with holes to catch crumbs that you can then feed birds with.

Frame Plates


Plates shaped like frames so every dish resembles a work of art.

320 10’37.91’’ N 340 48’07.82’’E


Coasters shaped like shadows. At one point during the day, these will perfectly match up.

Molecule of Flavors


Molecular-shaped flavor infusers.

[d-Vision via The Frisky]

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  1. Kayt

    Beautiful but most of them seem rather impractical, especially the meat. I can't imagine cleaning it, it just screams "bacteria!" to me.

  2. JS

    Yes, Kayt. You're right. Putting these plates in the dishwasher or using a dish scrub just wouldn't work. The same way it doesn't work on other plates. Excellent thinking.

  3. I love this stuff- especially the bird feeder- brilliant idea!

  4. Nicole

    Love the fruit bowl - I think it would help prevent some bruises. I'm actually in need of plates at the moment and really wish the frames were available (in red... hinthint). The molecule of flavors could be a fun opportunity to sneak in some education to the kids.

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