Dinner Timer by Emma Caselton


Here's a concept design for a "Dinner Timer" by Emma Caselton, a timer that holds your hand as you prepare a meal. She writes: "Using the recipe card slotted into its side, the Dinner Timer is a timing device that facilitates multiple alarms inside one timer. Traditional methods of acquiring the cards - supermarkets, bookshops - could be used, but the best method for buying the cards will be the internet." See more photos at Yanko Design.

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  1. Emily

    It's a neat concept but do you really need to be told when to boil water?

  2. Paula

    This would be great if you could program it yourself, for big dinner parties or Thanksgiving or whatever.

    (I forget to add the giblets to the gravy ever year and every year I find them in the back of the fridge three days later.)

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