Frank Bruni Photoshop Shocker

bruni-photoshopperyThe whole time restaurateurs were working with bad information: Frank Bruni told Slate that the photo he was most know for until now — from the book jacket to Ambling Into History, his portrait of George W. Bush — was actually a doctored photograph:

As you know, I tell the story in the book about when my author photo was being taken for a book I wrote that was published in 2002 about George W. Bush. I was at my big weight, and it was unacceptable to me that I look like that in my author photograph. And without ever even telling the publishing house, I not only had a lot of shadowy photography done but I had a kind of early version of Photoshopping done to the photo to kind of stretch my face. And what was particularly amusing to me after I became a critic is that some people who saw that photo on the Internet would say, "Oh, you lost some weight since then," and I would think, actually that's a thinned-out version of me, so I've lost more than you think.

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  1. Emily

    Was the hair photoshopped too?

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