Frank Bruni's Mug, Revealed


Publishers Weekly breaks out the first photo of Frank Bruni, attached to an interview about his upcoming book, Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater. The book drops August 20th, and of course you can pre-order it on Amazon.



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  1. DBSweeney

    The man himself! Balding and brunette, as opposed to that Eater pic where he looks kind of ... blond?

  2. David

    I'm disappointed, because that's more or less what I expected him to look like. On second thought, for a restaurant critic, it's brilliant! "Exactly what you'd expect him to look like" is exactly what chefs and owners would never think to look for.

  3. Well, not what I expected I suppose. He appears younger, less masculine and slightly thinner than I had envisioned. For some reason I was expecting a slightly heavier Anthony Bourdain, possibly with facial hair, and better teeth. In summation, he is definitely more attractive than I had thought. Yeah, he's kinda cute.

  4. egoscribo

    Maybe that photo is not really Frank Bruni.

  5. Finally, my long lost twin brother! Just kidding...

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