Gordon Ramsay on Jimmy Kimmel Live [video]

ramsay-kimmellLast night Gordon Ramsay paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his cookbook Healthy Appetite (buy at Amazon). Says Jimmy Kimmel: "I'm a little nervous because you scream at people, but I assume you probably won't scream at me... Do you scream at them because you feel like it'll make them a better chef, or because you're emotionally unstable?" We learn that Ramsay's kids didn't speak to him for two weeks after he served them lamb's brains on toast and told them only afterward what it was they had eaten.

Around six minutes in: Kimmel, a budding "foodie" ("I may look like a chef, mostly just because I'm fat and look kinda like Emeril"), serves Ramsay his very own marinara sauce. Ramsay praises it as "actually fucking delicious."

Video: Gordon Ramsay on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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