Food Network's Chefography of Guy Fieri [video]


Over the weekend, the Food Network rolled out the latest in their Chefography series, giving Guy Fieri the treatment. His story is impressive — it was clear from early on that Fieri was totally destined for food, entrepreneurship, and celebrity. All new to us: As a child, he learned how to cook because he couldn't stand his hippie parents' dinners of steamed fish, vegetables, and bulgur; in the fifth grade he started a successful pretzel cart business (The Awesome Pretzel Company) and used the profits to fund a year-long sojourn to Paris when he was sixteen that cemented his love for food. "Pâté... this is like mushy baloney!" he recalls.

This all led to him going to restaurant management school, a career as a chef/restaurateur, and ultimately becoming the Food Network personality that he is today. Bonus for old photographs of Guy Fieri, all skinny and without the now-trademark blond spikiness. The Food Network will likely air his Chefography randomly and perpetually so you can catch the whole thing, but here are a couple of video segments of Guy Fieri's early years:

Video: Guy Fieri's Chefography Part 1

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Video: Guy Fieri's Chefography Part 2

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  1. I have to say that Guy Fieri is not my favorite Food Network star out there, but after seeing this Chefography this weekend, I was impressed with his history, at least.

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