Jamie Oliver Dancing, Dressed as the Village People [video]


Here's an incredible video of Jamie Oliver dancing, dressed as the "Village People." It's promoting his upcoming series Jamie's American Roadtrip that premieres September 1st on Channel 4 in the UK (with still no announcement about where or when it's going to air in the US). This just made our day.

Video: Jamie Oliver Dancing

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[Video via jamieoliver.com]

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  1. Chris

    Is this really what British people think of Americans?

  2. Jay

    I don't understand. Is JO gay? Is this his way of coming out of the closet? Because I don't see what the Village People and disco in general have to do with America at all... or food for that matter. It's like dressing up as Kurt Cobain to promote your book about architecture in Seattle.

    • Raphael

      Good point, the Village People do not, in fact, have any connection to food.. It's more of a site gag to grab people's attention I guess.

  3. Scott

    Hmmm. He looks good in leather. And can dance. And cook too. He's a catch!

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