Julie & Julia Avalanche on The Daily Beast

daily-beast-julie-julia-overload-small1A little Julie & Julia coverage is fine — it would be dereliction of duty otherwise!

But damn The Daily Beast's food-related subsite Hungry Beast has gone completely bonkers for the movie. Their coverage totals 16 fucking stories on its home page, either directly- or loosely- connected to Julia Child, with posts written by Julie Powell herself.

This level of media saturation makes us want to say GO JOE.

Update Holy crap, we missed something important: The right-hand top-most story, "The Right Tools for the Job," is not a story but instead a full-on advertorial written by "Daily Beast Promotions" that channels Julia Child to sell some potato peelers: "What does it take to make a confident cook? OXO brings you the right tools that make all the difference. A simple potato ricer turns a soup into a masterpiece, and reminds us why Julia Child set a generation of cooks on fire." Shameless.


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  1. WAIT -- they made a movie from that Julie book?

  2. Jamie P

    Also, they may want to update their CHEAT SHEET. The top most link, FRANK BRUNI REVEALED, is totally outdated. I believe there may have been some more important news that came out today regarding the NYT Dining section.

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