Linksplodge 08/03/09


  • Above, the photo "A scene from the fictitious horror film, 'Honey Bear, Sweet Honey Bear'" by Laser Bread.
  • Of course Bootsy Collins has his own restaurant.
  • Here's an excerpt of Julie Powell's upcoming book Cleaving. The book's release was delayed in the US until December so it wouldn't interfere with Julie & Julia (or vice versa), but it comes out in the UK August 6th.
  • End of times: Plague hits French oysters for the second year running.
  • Daniel Patterson, the chef of Coi in San Francisco, is removing corn from his menu, saying that current varieties are overly sweet, having been bred to be "sugar bombs." Patterson says, "The corn that we eat in its natural state has lost its distinctive flavor, echoing America’s drift toward sweet, one-dimensional tastes." [via Ethicurian]


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  1. Well look at that - Julie Powell appears to finally be learning how to use her knives.

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