Linksplodge 08/05/09


  • Above, the Union Jack made out of bacon. By Martino's doodles on Flickr.
  • Brand New makes additions and corrections to that Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola logo evolution chart that's been making the rounds.
  • Smithsonian Magazine on the history of chopsticks.
  • Regina Schrambling on vintage ovens.
  • Yumsugar reports on the release of Top Chef wine: It is called "Quickfire."
  • Baron Ambrosia, in an interview with Andrew Zimmern: "In ten years it is my ultimate dream to be earth’s galactic culinary ambassador. I would love go on a five year journey with an alien race to their home planet(s) to sample and document all of their perverse, abominable wares of flavor... I often dream of eating massive cuts of strange fauna prepared with unrecognizable flora while slow grooving on a distant spice moon."


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