Linksplodge 08/18/09


  • Above: PFSK pays a visit to the Mets Stadium, finds a a cart full of non-local fruit in the back corner of the stadium, $1.50 a piece, "more for the illusion of health than for any real conscious decision to promote thoughtful alternatives." To no surprise: "No one was buying."
  • Ha, cranky blogger thinks Anthony Bourdain owes Oakland an apology because last week's San Francisco episode of No Reservations made Oakland "look like a hell hole... They show up at a taco truck.. then editors interspersed clips of disheveled people pushing shopping carts before heading back to the slick, shiny side, San Francisco." [via Eater SF]
  • Nightline keeps it classy and has Frank Bruni eat and review a Choco Taco.
  • Michael Chiarello calls bullshit on Top Chef editing for making him look like a villain and for cutting out fun interaction with Fabio. [via Eater SF]


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