Linksplodge 08/24/09


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  • Gawker discovers that Patio soda from Mad Men is real.
  • The Telegraph determines seagull's favorite ice cream flavor in the British seaside town of St Ives, Cornwall. The town council has also hired falconers at £1,000 a week to scare off the aggressive seagulls. [via Cold Mud]
  • Madness: Three-tier wedding cake from Momofuku Milkbar, approximately 60 servings, $350. Also please to note: "cakes are un-covered on the sides and we do not do fondant or frosting." [via @MdotMet]
  • Porn star Joanna Angel reviews sausages for Heeb Magazine.
  • Human ingredients t-shirt [via Neatoroama]
  • Serious Eats visits Brooklyn Water Bagels, the bagel store in Florida that replicates Brooklyn water (with a patented method) to properly make bagels.
  • Times Online interviews Jamie Oliver (with video) about his new new series and book Jamie’s America (see the trailer): “Food was a brilliant excuse to get under the skin of the country, the people. What is the American dream? What is real, good American food?... I used to think soul food was like ‘Funkay!’,” he says, clicking his fingers. “‘It’s got pizzazz, it’s got flay-veur.’ But its heart is so sad.”


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