Meryl Streep on The Colbert Report [video]

meryl-streep-colbert1Meryl Streep on The Colbert Report was pretty great — two very funny people riffing back and forth. Leave it to Stephen Colbert to inject some much-needed sarcasm, with questions like these:

There is something about this role that offends me. You are playing Julia Child, who brought French cooking to America. Why not, madam, bring American cooking to the French? Certainly there was something they haven't deep-fat fried yet. Why can't we bring them what we do: The recipes on the back of a mayonnaise jars and Coca Cola cakes. Don't you feel guilty about that?

Hollywood has such an influence, especially over kids. Are you afraid that portraying Julia Child is going to make cooking seem cool? That teenagers are going to start having braising parties? Do you feel responsibility as an actress, because I hold Hollywood responsible for our nation's ills.

Video: Meryl Streep on The Colbert Report

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