New Hampshire Hospital Bans Fried Food Because It's 'Bad For You'


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The smarty pants at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) in Lebanon, New Hampshire, have nixed fried foods in favor of healthier options for both staff and patients.

Neighboring West Lebanon Hospital resident John Hughes thinks the fried food ban is a good idea, stating, “People have been eating fried food for years, and they all end up dying of heart attacks.”

Clearly on the cutting edge, this latest step toward more healthy initiatives at the DHMC follows a ban on cigarettes in the hospital a mere year ago. DHMC is one of more than 250 hospitals that have signed up for a national program called the “Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge,” in which they promise to work with local farmers and community-based groups to supply more locally-produced food.

Sales of the healthier options at DHMC are up, evidence that the trend of healthy meals in health care is not completely appalling. DHMC Nurse Hilarie Snogren muses, “I'll miss chicken-finger Mondays…but I do understand, this being a hospital.” Way to be a good sport, Hilarie.

[Valley News]

— Cammie Nguyen

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