New York State Fair Butter Sculpture of a Vintage Milk Truck [video]


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The 163rd New York State Fair runs August 27th through September 7th in Syracuse, New York, and like any good state fair, there's a giant butter sculpture. This year's sculpture, made from 800 pounds of butter, features a cow behind the wheel of a vintage milk truck. The theme of "Cow Power" signifies how cows "can help generate energy that can power local communities through the use of methane digesters," reported See more photos at News 10 Now.

Here's a video of the unveiling of the sculpture:

Video: New York State Fair Butter Sculpture Unveiling

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  1. Paula

    I wonder how you dispose of that much butter, after the fair. I'm assuming you can't cook with it. Is there a giant, refrigerated warehouse somewhere that stores them forever?

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