Next-Gen Ramen Noodle Robot Chefs from Japan [video]


Here's a video report from Reuters on the next generation of ramen robots at the Fua-men ramen noodle shop in Nagoya, Japan. Kenji Nagoya, the owner of the noodle shop is a robot manufacturer, and he's using the noodle robots to showcase his latest technology. He extols the robots' precision over their human counterparts: "The benefits of using robots as ramen chefs include the accuracy of timing in boiling noodles, precise movements in adding toppings and consistency in the taste."

Humans "prepare the soup stock, take orders, and receive money," but the robots take care of the rest: boiling the noodles, pouring the soup into bowls, and adding toppings.

Most disconcerting, however, is that the human overlords make the robots perform in some type of dog-and-pony show: Reuters reports, "During downtime, the robots entertain customers by demonstrating various tricks." But look closely at the video and you'll see that said "tricks" include mock-fighting each other with eight-inch kitchen knives.

Update: Alternate video with extra footage below:

These robots beat the pants off of the ramen robot in the Momozono Robot Ramen shop in Yamanashi, Japan that we wrote about back in July.

Video: Next-Gen Ramen Noodle Robot Chefs


—Raphael Brion

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  1. Dr Robotnik

    The cyborg invasion is here and it is getting to us through our stomachs.

  2. Emily

    Robots really shouldn't be learning hand to hand combat. This will only hasten the uprising. On the upside, at least the noodles will be consistent.

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