NYC McDonald's Stays Open During Renovation, Subjects Customers to a Construction Site


The owner of the McDonald's at 541 6th Ave (between 14th and 15th Street) in Manhattan is keeping the location open while it undergoes a much-needed renovation. Subjecting customers to the indignity of a construction site, there's exposed drywall, missing dropped-ceiling tiles, a random application of blue tape, and worst of all, fold-out metal chairs and tables made fancy with disposable plastic tablecloths, below a huge sign announcing "Pardon Our Appearance During Remodeling."

This specific McDonald's always had a tired-but-vintage early 90s charm, in that almost futuristic formica-meets-vinyl-meets-Zubaz-leopard-print kind of way (see photos below). According to renderings of the coming improvements hanging on a wall, it's going to be replaced with one of those future-thinking McDonald's that'll include a glass front, communal seating, subdued lighting, columns with writing in French, and knockoff Arne Jacobsen chairs.

Now, the owner might argue that profit margins are slim, that rents are high, that you can't close down, but this is just pushing the limits of decency and sanitation. Some might use the term "fucked up." It would have been better to shut the place down and get the renovation over with, especially before the department of health steps in. On with the show:









By the bathroom

Future Plans




The Past, Circa 2008



—Raphael Brion

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  1. Eliot

    I see you've made quite a study of this location. These photos are art. Excellent work.

  2. Jack H

    I just don't see how this is pushing the limits of sanitation.

  3. JD

    You'd have to be there, Jack. I walked into it today out of fascination, and, huh. Why anyone would stop at this McDonald's if they could walk another block and find one where the ceiling might not fall in is beyond me.

    (But then again, so is why anyone above 18 years old still eats at McDonalds.)

  4. StickyWheelz

    Is this the new "Danish Modern" McDs?

  5. Josh

    They have those stools and communal seating at a Mcdonalds i went to in HK.

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