NYC Subway Ads: Human Fat Pouring Out of Bottles


The people at the NYC Department of Health care so much about you and your fat ass that they want you to drink less sugary drinks. And since they can't seem to get the political will to get a "fat tax" on the drinks to push them out of everyone's reach, they're just going to scare people by grossing them out with these disgusting ads in the New York City subway system. Yes, that's human fat, all lumpy and veiny, pouring out of bottles of Gatorade, Snapple, and Coke.

"Just trying to be positive and encouraging doesn't always get people's attention," Associate Commissioner Geoff Cowley told the Daily News. "If you get in people's faces a bit, that does get people's attention." There must be a more effective way that doesn't give kids nightmares.




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  1. JayP

    Wow that's truly terrifying.

  2. Jamonit

    So once they've succesffully cut sales of soda and iced tea and gatorade, do they go after pizza? French fries? Because that is arguably wayyy worse than your precious 12 oz can of Sprite.

  3. Tommy Williams Jr.

    Soda has no nutritional value while pizza and fries actually do...albeit not as nutrient dense as spinach or trail mix, but way more than high fructose corn syrup (very few use sugar now), water and a slew of other chemicals. I don't drink soda, but I'll eat the shit outta some good pie!

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