Offal Sampler Platter


Photos: Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams, our intrepid Offal of the Week columnist and blogger at Nose to Tail at Home, is taking a week off. In the grand tradition of the television clip show (hell, even Bourdain did it this week), we're bringing you an Offal of the Week "best-of," culled from the archives. A sampler platter if you will:

  • Brains: "The how, the where, and the why are important concerns, but they pale before the basic question of taste. And here’s the low down: when prepared correctly, brains are an absolute culinary delight."
  • Blood: "From chicken blood used to thicken coq au vin to the Masai of Tanzania who drink the blood of their cattle mixed with milk, almost every culture on the planet consumes animal blood in some form."
  • Kidney: "With a lovely tender nature and a very satisfying meaty flavor, kidneys take very well to cooking methods on either extreme of the heat/time spectrum."
  • Sweetbreads: "Calling them tender would be an understatement, with a wonderful meatiness and a slightly metallic, delicate sweet flavor that I’ve never found in anything else. I’ve been in love with them ever since."

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