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Linksplodge 08/27/09

Above, packaging for Haribo Sweets in the UK that has, as expected, outraged a parent. [via Dlisted]
Jalopnick: How To Bake A Life-Size F1 Car Out Of Bread
The Moment: Peter Meehan (who gasp has seen neither Julie & Julia nor Ratatouille) interviews Adam Leith Gollner about the movie adaptation of his book The Fruit Hunters.
Eater SF [...]

Saveur Renames Its Blog from The Feed to The Daily Fare

When Saveur recently relaunched its website and named their new aggregator/blog The Feed, it was somewhat controversial because unfortunately, Time Out New York's food/restaurant blog was already called The Feed. Good news: Saveur has graciously changed the name to The Daily Fare, which is a nice name as it has a nice ring to it [...]

Eggs Printed With Cooking Instructions by Martijn Boskamp [concepts]

Photos via
"How to cook eggs" is a design concept by the Dutch designer Martijn Boskamp in which each egg is individually printed with instructions for different cooking techniques. While certainly helpful for the novice cook, if anything it's a helpful reminder. And way more useful than eggs printed with Disney characters.
Note for the non-Dutch [...]

Restaurant Girl Danyelle Freeman Out at The Daily News

Widely reviled blogger-turned-restaurant critic Danyelle Freeman, a.k.a. Restaurant Girl, is out at The Daily News. Her reviews were amusing — who else could get away with lines like this: "Each doughy pocket gets plumped with a vivacious mix of four cheeses and spackled with a silky lettuce sauce." Also, don't miss these videos of her [...]

Recipe Ads for Ikea List Products as Ingredients

From a German ad agency, these ads for IKEA cleverly shift a recipe's focus from ingredients to tools. Who cares what kind of pasta you use? Or, for that matter, how much? Just make sure you're cooking it in an IKEA 365+ pot and straining it with a STABIL pasta insert.

A Bust of Conan O'Brien Made From White Chocolate With Hair Made of Bacon [video]

Last night on The Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien showed off a gift from the Minnesota State Fair: a 200-pound bust made from white chocolate with bacon for hair.
Says Conan, "I've long dreamed of this. But I never thought I'd see it happen."
Update: @BaconCocoaConan claims the bust was made by the Minnesota-based No Name Premium Meats [...]

Linksplodge 08/26/09

Right, Giclee prints of "99 Cents never felt so good (the perfect unity)" on Etsy, $35.00.
Exceptional: Eater's long interview with Frank Bruni.
Popular Mechanics: 3 New Farm Bots Programmed to Pick, Plant and Drive. (with video) [via Cold Mud]
Vice tracks down and interviews the makers of The Cloud Project, the truck that uses cloud-seeding technology [...]

Simulated Farmers' Market Stand at a Kroger's Supermarket

Moonraking posts photos of an "extremely creepy Farmers Market simulacrum" at the entrance to a Kroger's supermarket, full of foreign produce. To give the stand more "authenticity," it's attended by an overall and flannel-wearing, sunglass-sporting stuffed "robot/Cylon" farmer.
[Moonraking via @kasekaiserina]

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