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Neil Armstrong Butter Sculpture at the Iowa State Fair

Photos via
The Eastern Iowa News posted photos from the Iowa State Fair (that closed yesterday) including a butter Neil Armstrong and the traditional butter cow. There had been an online poll to determine whether or not there should have been a Michael Jackson butter sculpture "Moonwalking" next to Armstrong, but it was soundly rejected.

Ernest Hemingway Marinades

Celebrity endorsements are an unfortunate reality, but we just can't get with dead celebrity endorsements, especially the Hemingway line of home furnishings or the Hemingway's Island Grill restaurants (two locations in Florida) that serve "Chicken Pasta Portobello" and chicken fingers for the kids. So in some ways, this isn't surprising at all: Ernest Hemingway Marinades. [...]

The How Not to Cookbook: Lessons Learned the Hard Way, the Anti-Cookbook

As part of the Edinburgh Art Festival, visual artist Aleksandra Mir has produced a book that is nearly the total opposite of a traditional cookbook. The How Not to Cookbook: Lessons Learned the Hard Way is a compilation of kitchen catastrophes submitted by 1,000 people from all over the world.

Brunimia: Frank Bruni Overload

Says @michelehumes: "Brunimia [broo-NEEM-ee-uh] -noun- Frequent episodes of eye-rolling and nausea following a Bruni media appearance."
As in "This morning, The Atlantic ran a post by Frank Bruni and a piece by Corby Kummer praising Bruni. I got a wicked case of brunimia coming on."
The backlash begins.

Food-Inspired Typefaces by HandMadeFont

This is really great: HandMadeFont is an Estonia-based design company that makes typefaces out of everyday objects like fur, fire, thread, post-it notes, and pine needles.
And food. Lots and lots of food: ice, waffles, ground meat, cookies, french fries, ketchup. coffee beans, red peppers, cheese, toast, caviar.
Because they're photo-based, the files they offer are not [...]

Gourmet's A to Z of Food Online

So Gourmet has this new slideshow feature called "Food Online: A to Z", what they're calling "Twenty-six useful, enduring, or simply fascinating food sites, trends, and other Web phenomena." B is for bacon, F is for flame wars, T is for Twitter... you know the drill.
Some of it is a stretch: M is for menu [...]

Tom Colicchio Goes Fishing in the East River in American Express Commercial [video]

As a followup to his Diet Coke commercial, Tom Colicchio is in a commercial for American Express promoting the small businesses Urban Angler with beautiful shots of him, on a boat in Lower Manhattan, fly fishing. Captain Colicchio! "The great thing about fly-fishing: When you're out there on the water, everything melts away... Between running [...]

Linksplodge 08/21/09

Above, cheeseburger tape from Japan. On Etsy, one person is selling a roll for $8.99 and another for $5.25
McSweeney's reviews A Taste of Pyongyang, " the newest eatery by the North Korean the secretive phenom, Jimmy Kim, combines uncompromising Totalitarian food concepts with a flair for the dramatic."
Gourmet drops a totally unexpected recipe for Savory [...]

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