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The Wine Opus, The $1 Million Wine Book

Photo via ldandersen on Flickr

Publisher Kraken Opus — whose slogan is "The most luxurious series of publications ever created" — has announced that they'll be publishing a book on wine that will retail for an astounding $1 million.
The book, weighing 66 pounds, will highlight the top 100 wineries in the world and come with six [...]

Stephen Colbert Freaks Out Over Sugar Shortage [video]

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert completely lost it after learning that there's a sugar shortage in the US (we won't ruin it for you).
Says Colbert: "I knew we never should have baked the world's largest cupcake. We flew too close to the sun... Can you imagine an America with no sugar? Juice [...]

Linksplodge 08/19/09

Above, MoCo Loco runs photos of the piece "Clutch Light" made from hundreds of plastic drinking straws. By Scott Jarvie.
Charts! Eater breaks down Frank Bruni's reviews by star and year.
Bruni media overload: Interviews with the New Yorker, Time Out New York, and The Daily Beast. Surely more to come.
SFist runs photos of the Candyland [...]

McDonald's Ad Campaign in Japan Mocks White People and Foreigners [video]

McDonald's is running an ad campaign in Japan that uses Mr. James, a bumbling white guy who speaks broken katakana (i.e. accented) Japanese. Basically a gaijin, a derogatory term for a foreigner in Japan, he's even got his own blog while he tours McDonald's locations across Japan. People are upset because he's perpetuating racist stereotypes, [...]

Color-Correcting Discodips [video]

Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug spent over nine hours "color-correcting" (aka sorting) one kilograms of discodips (aka sprinkles). Engelberts and Plug were also responsible for that hit video of melting chocolate bunnies. Here's a short time-lapsed, edited video of their hard work:

What, Exactly, Is a Hangtown Fry?

Photo via

In last week's San Francisco episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain visited the Tadich Grill to eat a hangtown fry, a dish he called "an abomination against God and civilization." What, exactly, is a hangtown fry? Put simply: it's an omelette that includes bacon and oysters, with an origin story with one of [...]

Hoarding Rotten Food on A&E's Hoarders [video]

Monday night A&E premiered their new television series Hoarders, a documentary series about people with a severe inability to part with their belongings. Episode one featured the couple Jennifer and Ron, threatened with having their three kids removed by child protective services, their house so completely overrun with stuff that the only place the family [...]

Dinner Timer by Emma Caselton

Here's a concept design for a "Dinner Timer" by Emma Caselton, a timer that holds your hand as you prepare a meal. She writes: "Using the recipe card slotted into its side, the Dinner Timer is a timing device that facilitates multiple alarms inside one timer. Traditional methods of acquiring the cards - supermarkets, bookshops [...]

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