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What's Up With Gourmet's September Cover?

The cover of Gourmet's September issue is stunning and bizarre, featuring a photograph that brings to mind a macro shot of Shrek's ass. Or perhaps a gnarly pear? A scarred lunar surface? Whatever it is, food-wise, it's a little unattractive.
Conde Nast's food magazine death spiral continues, what with Gourmet's ad pages down 52% year-over-year. Deviating [...]

Photo: Frank Bruni, Dick Cheney, and Pope John Paul II

This morning Nightline posted the article that's paired with tonight's segment with Frank Bruni. The associated slideshow has photographs of Bruni in Air Force One with George Bush, in the Bergdorf Goodman salon contemplating a wig, and above, hanging with Pope John Paul II and Dick Cheney. Nightline's articles online are typically close to word-for-word [...]

Linksplodge 08/18/09

Above: PFSK pays a visit to the Mets Stadium, finds a a cart full of non-local fruit in the back corner of the stadium, $1.50 a piece, "more for the illusion of health than for any real conscious decision to promote thoughtful alternatives." To no surprise: "No one was buying."
Ha, cranky blogger thinks Anthony Bourdain [...]

Retro Recipes: Betty Draper's Rumaki, 1967

Welcome to Retro Recipes! Brought to you from the capable kitchen of Eat Me Daily's Stephanie Butler, each week revisits a preparation from the past that straddles the line between ingenious and absurd. This week: Rumaki.
As you might expect from someone who has a serious fetish for vintage cookbooks, pencil skirts, and the music [...]

Esquire's 'Eat Like A Man' ADHD Edition

The September issue of Esquire magazine hit the shelves recently, and while normally this would go unnoticed here, this particular issue has a large food-related feature, subtlety titled, "How To Eat Like A Man Now." We don't know much about Esquire readers in 2009, and had been under the impression that they were a [...]

Food Network's Chefography of Guy Fieri [video]

Over the weekend, the Food Network rolled out the latest in their Chefography series, giving Guy Fieri the treatment. His story is impressive — it was clear from early on that Fieri was totally destined for food, entrepreneurship, and celebrity. All new to us: As a child, he learned how to cook because he couldn't [...]

Linksplodge 08/17/09

Above, "Cereal Mascot Reunion" by Rob Sheridan. [via Laughing Squid]
Wired reports that a new kind of artificial tongue is able to identify 14 kinds of natural and artificial sweeteners with 100 percent accuracy in 80 different trials: "the artificial tongue could eventually replace human tasters in the food industry."
Boing Boing: Japanese pig rodeo
Vintage Heinz Ketchup [...]

The CFDA's Absurd American Fashion Cookbook

Back in February, we noted that the normally food-averse fashion world would be putting together a cookbook. And now you can own it!
The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have put together American Fashion Cookbook: 100 Designers' Best Recipes (buy at Amazon), perhaps the first pro-food document to be described by the Balenciaga [...]

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