PETA Terrifies Children With 'Unhappy Meals'


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Yesterday at a McDonald's in Albany, NY, PETA terrified children by handing out "Unhappy Meals." Inside the box: a bloodied rubber chicken, a packet of ketchup blood, a "McCruelty" t-shirt wrapped up in a blood-splattered chicken sandwich box, and a cardboard cutout of a knife-wielding Ronald McDonald.

One of the customers who brought her son to McDonald's for lunch said, "I don't want my son to be around something like this. This is not fair for a child," reported Fox 23 News.


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As part of their McCruelty campaign, PETA pulled the same shit in New Haven in June and Atlantic City in July, and they're doing it again tomorrow in South Burlington, Vermont.

Trying to rationalize it, the organization said in a press release: "If kids knew how unhappy the chickens who are killed for Happy Meals really are, they'd lose their lunch."

PETA's attention-grabbing stunts are sometimes smartly-executed parodies (see the "rejected" Super Bowl ad or the gory Cooking Mama-knockoff flash game as examples), but is it really necessary to emotionally abuse kids and give them nightmares all in the name of improving animal welfare?

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  1. Syd

    These bastards are beyond crazy. I can't believe people give them money.

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous. Even worse than the bloody maple syrup stunt/seal they pulled in Harrisburg.

  3. This is synonymous with terrorism. Why would you do this to children?

  4. Jay

    If you walked into a school and handed that crap out, you'd likely be escorted out in handcuffs and get sued by a lot of the families of the children you just emotionally scarred for life.

    Terrorism is absolutely the right word for this.

  5. These comments illustrate the problem PETA faces -- more people are concerned with their practices and less with their message and the real problem of animal cruelty in America.

    The likelihood of something like this traumatizing children into fits and nightmares is slim; they see blood and knives on TV and in video games.

    Get real.

    • Vicky

      Duh, but in video games the expect to see blood and guts. But children dont want to see stuff like this when they are going to eat their delicious lunch.

  6. Mary Arulanantham

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals . . .aren't people also animals. I guess they only have to be nice if you're sporting homegrown fur, feathers or scales; you can do nasty experiments on human animals, though?

  7. Michael

    I hope you all come back as chickens in your next lives, then you can comment about how 'attrocious' this is. McD's kills. You all need to eat some veggies for a while and get your minds off the meat.

  8. JW

    What's interesting is that PETA has it all wrong with this campaign. The killing of the animals is the least cruel part of the entire process. The chicken used by McDonald's comes from unhappy, caged, drugged and sick birds that have spent their entire lives living, breathing and eating in a pool of not just their own feces but the feces of all other birds in the barn. I would argue that finally putting the animals out of their misery is humane.

    Unfortunately we live in a world that requires shocking events to get people to open their eyes and PETA understands this fully. I wish that PETA would promote the idea of getting to know your food more completely rather than vilifying and frightening young children.

  9. Josh

    I had sea kitten taco's for lunch

  10. Dee Lach

    Right cause, wrong message! How did they get into a McDonalds long enough to hand so many of these out in the first place? Manager asleep at the fryer?

  11. Tony

    STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO PETA AND THEY WILL GO AWAY. How hard is this for people to understand? This organization has operated under the "any publicity is good publicity" philosophy since its inception. They are only 1-step short of being full-fledged domestic terrorists, yet the media is all too happy to regularly report on PETA's antics, and slow-witted celebrities are happy to join their jihad against normalcy.

  12. I'm not pro-peta by anymeans, but isn't the issue here that we're censoring the facilities which sustain our society?

  13. JP

    Seeing images like this on video games and tv, to a child are imaginary. Now for a child to see this in their face where they can see it, is going to be frightening. I agreethat animals are very badly treated beyond belief and something needs to be done. But this is not it. I think they need to direct the attention to someplace with a little more impact. I mean come on!!!

  14. I have an issue with any militant group but PETA has a special place on my list of organizations that I hate. They're a group of radical hypocrites who make all vegetarians and people concerned with animal rights look bad. We all get painted with the same horrible brush. This kind of scare tactic, ambush, bullshit turns more people away from the issues they're trying to expose than anything else.
    It's so frustrating watching people pervert what is, at it's core, a message of compassion.

  15. Lol...the yellow and black Ronald McDonald reminds me of Chris Rock.

  16. Janet Texas

    This is not the way to discourage children from eating Happy Meals. It is so counter productive.

    First of all parents are the ones buying the Happy Meals. Parents need to be educated to the fact the meals are first and foremost unhealthy for their children.

    Second they need to be educated about the effect factory farming has on the environment and on the inhumane treatment of animals.

    PETA is just sending a confusing message to children. They need to learn you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  17. rwkickdog

    PETA has to be one of the most wacked groups out there I can't wait till they show up at a McD near me I would like to tailgate that event. What about BK and the angry wopper. What a bunch of losers Grill on!!!!

  18. Whats for Dinner

    I WANT PETA to arrive at my local McD's. I would kick open the refer truck and sell BEEF in the parking lot! All in the name of People Eating Tasty Animals! I understand their crusade but totally wrong way to do it.

  19. ease

    If you think someone handing out "Unhappy Meals" to kids is bad, let's consider what these kids are already exposed to:

    Cartoons with:

    * Knife wielding coyotes
    * Anvils falling from the sky to kill an unexpected bird
    * Backwoods hunters with rifles, etc.

    And that's what I grew up with.

    Now you have video games that kids play that include:

    * The Simpsons running over people
    * Realistic creatures with swords
    * Soldiers with an assortment of weapons, etc.

    Not to mention a cartoon with a dog that smokes and sleeps with a women and a baby that's always looking to be molested. And yes, parents do allow their kids to watch this.

    What about those parents who allow their kids to kill animals with guns and fishing rods. Where is the outrage when it comes to them.

    I could go on, but I won't.

    What's worse than handing out "Unhappy meals" is actually taking your kids to those artery clogging- fat inducing-restaurants in the first place.

    So before you complain, ask yourself, what are you doing to ensure your child is safe from cruelty.

    Children are the future. They need to learn the truth about our world so they can grow up solving the world's problems, rather than contributing to them; and if not now, when, and if not from their parents, from whom?

    Think about it ...

    • Kay

      Last time I checked, children's cartoons did not show mass amounts of blood (or blood at all).

      Yeah, anvils fall on the coyote and squish him flat, but the anvil doesn't smash the coyote until the point that all his blood and guts fall out.

      PETA is a sickening organization.
      I do not think that it's okay to show your child a comic that shows a motherly figure dismembering a rabbit.

      If you want to get your point across, do it in a respectable manner. Don't firebomb laboratories; protest in front of them.

      Terrorism is not something that should be shown to young children.

  20. Michael F

    It never ceases to amaze me the idiocy of groups like this and those that support them.

    These people would protest any killing of an animal, merciful or not. Many of the things they claim haven't been true for decades yet they propogate them just for the shocking of people and get them to stop eating meat, because those leading PETA know a good part of America won't do their own research, and just believe the bile they spew.

    To PETA and those that support them, I say - Go and eat your veggies and don't eat meat. Just means more for the rest of us. Just shut up and grind away on that carrot.

    As for the person griping about hunting and such, I'm grateful to my father for teaching me responsible hunting and firearms use, and proud I have taught my children the same. Responsible management is key.

    The Good Lord put us in charge of all things of this planet, and when a species gets overly populated, then disease and starvation comes into play which is far crueler than a bullet.

    Get a grip people, eating animals is not bad or evil, and when cooked right, pretty dang tasty!

  21. Mel

    How horrible. PETA supports terrorism all the time, and it's hard for me to see why anyone supports there actions. I read that recently they made huge donations to an arsonist who firebombed a University research facility. (

    I think I'll go buy a happy meal tomorrow night.

  22. ease

    Mel, you need to watch where you're getting your information from. CCF is an organization paid to lie about those organizations that are here to make a positive difference. Don't believe everything you read.

    How people can stand by cruelty is beyond me.

  23. ease

    I wasn't going to comment on this but: Michael F: If you bring you're child out to hunt, don't complain about getting a box with Ronnie McD with a knife. You far exceed what a child should see.

    And I tend to ignore comments that start with "The Good Lord" this or that. It's not a valid argument. It's just an excuse to do what you do without taking responsibility for your actions. And not everybody believes in the "Good Lord" as you do.

    Keep that in mind next time. Thanks.

  24. Brent

    Lmao, I love PETA for providing me with more insane entertainment.

  25. Pooh

    Many animals would kill/eat you... I'm just saying!

  26. Robutt

    Imagine cigarette companies creating a character specificly appealing to children, would you be so shocked if a group of radicals tried to link this character to your sense of disgust?

    Ronald MacDonald exists to get small children to associate fatty, salty, sugary foods with fun, to get them addicted early and for them to take the restaurant for granted as part of the architecture of their lives. Anyone seeking to undermine this figure of deceit and deception is surely doing something good.

  27. Adam

    GOOD JOB PETA. Haha, I love this!

  28. realityindreams

    (sorry for the structure...)

    THey have to be locked up.. they have a clear and understandable goal, but the way that they pull together their argument is pathetic.. and savaging children for what? for publicity.

    their excuse is that children are the future, then let's see what are they giving to the children?? highly emotional and biased information that sends out wrong messages. For example let's look at cooking mama flash game. They talked about eggs as if they would HATCH into chickens.. eggs that people eat!! what kind of primitive society do they live in? There are foods that are made of unhatched ducklings, but that's a totally different story!

    and targeting children is a mistake by itself- it is not solving the problem. I suspect that because they do not have a way of convincing adults, they turn to the ones that they think are gullible. but guess what? we're not. And what do we think when we see this kind of behavior? "they are a bunch of people that like making themselves look like fools." The last thing we think about is stop eating meat, or drink milk.

    Instead of trying to solve problems, they'd rather complain about it to the youth, who is definitely one of the last ones that they should be communicating with.

  29. Ben Eatongood

    This is assault on children, and someone should sue the jerks. While I agree that commercially farmed animals need to be raised in better conditions, the thought that all of humanity should give up eating meat altogether is ridiculous, and PETA's insane acts, such as this one, only detracts from their credibility and distracts the attention of thinking people who might otherwise listen to more rational statements.

    On the whole, however, PETA is too extreme for reasonable consideration. Humans are naturally designed to be omnivores, which includes eating MEAT. If we were supposed to eat only vegetation, we would have larger digestive tracts like a gorilla. Anthropology clearly shows the development of the human species as strongly linked to the practice of eating meat. Can we now survive on a vegetarian diet alone? I suppose we could, and if that is what some wish to do, more power to them, but they have no right to force their views on others any more than others have the right to force a tasty rib-eye steak down their throats. Personally, I think they should sit back and enjoy the rib-eye, but if they don't want it, oh well, you can serve it to me instead.

    PETA may have justifiable arguments on the institutionalized treatment of animals in some cases, but their over-all arguments and methodology is counter-productive for their cause. No rational reasoning can justify terrorizing children in this way, and legal action should be taken against PETA for stunts such as this, or they will only escalate.

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