Promo for Chopped Championship on the Food Network [video]

chopped-championship-small1Out of nowhere the Food Network aired a promo for the new show Chopped Championship that brings together "thirteen undefeated champions." Season one of Chopped had thirteen episodes, so it's probably safe to assume that all the winners from season one will be contestants, including Einat Admony, chef of Taim and Andre Marrero, Chef Tournant at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

They'll be brought together for a "month-long event" with a "series of new grueling tasks" with "surprise twists." It's sort of unexpected, since this was not mentioned in the press release the Food Network sent out in April announcing shows like Chefs vs City and the second season of The Next Iron Chef. Food reality television is just never-ending! Starts September 8th.

Video: Chopped Championship Promo

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  1. Nick D

    A friend of mine was a chopped champion in season 1. According to this friend, they were putting together the championship using chefs from both seasons. Sort of sucks for the season 1 chefs who don't get included since they were rightfully chopped champions as well.

  2. abe

    well your right i was a winner of season one show. and was contacted for the champions show but they never followed up. I guess they choose the second rate winners

  3. duster

    I have no idea how they choose the winners anymore. In the first episode of Chopped Champions, the chef who presented the inferior menu won, not to mention his style in the kitchen is just asking for disaster.

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