Red Bull Art of Can Exhibit


"The Giant Octopus," Zac Little. View larger.

This year's Red Bull Art of Can exhibit in Washington, DC runs from October 8-19 in the main lobby of Union Station. It's a showcase of art made from recycled materials, either created with or inspired by empty Red Bull cans. Big on creativity and originality, Red Bull encourages entrants to "Build, sculpt, weld, glue, hammer, bend, fold, print, tape and paint, whatever!" their way to artistic victory.


"Another Sleepless Knight," Foreman Lauren. View larger.


"Magic Mask," Nha Phuong Nguyen.


"Quetzalcoatl," Daniel "R5" Barojas


"Common Ground," Kathryn J. Beale


"Hula Girl," Annie Sheehan


Left: "Aluminum Affection" by Keifer Hall, Right: "Red Bull Skull" by Robert Van Letscher


Left: "Shark Attack" by Anita Lee, Right: "Big Catch" by Isaac Crawford


Left: "Red Bull: The Better Alternative" by Cathy Lee. Right: "Red Bull:59FIFTY" by Jon Malley, Charles Waldorf, Rich Wells

[via PopSop]

-Michelle Mettler

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  1. Emily

    I can dig it!

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