Restaurant Girl Danyelle Freeman Out at The Daily News

rg01Widely reviled blogger-turned-restaurant critic Danyelle Freeman, a.k.a. Restaurant Girl, is out at The Daily News. Her reviews were amusing — who else could get away with lines like this: "Each doughy pocket gets plumped with a vivacious mix of four cheeses and spackled with a silky lettuce sauce." Also, don't miss these videos of her speaking, unedited, in an episode of Marco Pierre White's ill-fated TV show The Chopping Block.

But fear not! This won't be the last we'll hear of her: She's left with her blog Restaurant Girl and a deal for the book Gourmet Glossary, a guide in which she'll "explain everything you need to know about the way we dine today." No set release date.

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  1. JayP

    She will be missed. But more importantly, she'll miss her editors.

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