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Ah, August — the month where everyone takes a week off. Stephanie Butler, our brilliant and adventurous Retro Recipe tester, has other things on her vintage plate this week, so we're bringing you a Retro Recipe sample platter.

  • Mabelle's Snickerdoodles, 1949: "Without waiting for the pan to cool, I cut myself a corner piece and burned my tongue. It tasted almost toffee-like, dense and chewy and buttery, like a good ANZAC biscuit — delicious, to be sure, but not at all like a traditional snickerdoodle. It was also very, very difficult to pry from the pan."
  • Clam Puff: "The editors of Better Homes thoughtfully included a small, black and white photo of a finished Clam Puff next to the recipe: it’s a beautiful cloud of eggy pastry, from the raised top to the little cracks along the crown. Seashells strewn on the tablecloth underneath help give the whole thing a classy, party look. Clearly, a Clam Puff at your table in 1966 meant that you had Arrived."
  • Prune Lemonade Bars, 1963: "You should wait until they cool if you can hold yourself back from the delicious awesome power of the Prune Lemonade Bars. Any doubts that Betty’s cookies would not hold up were dispelled with the first bite of these beauties."
  • Hot Dogie-Burgers, 1963: The extent of my hot dog-wrapping culinary experience is pigs in blankets, so this recipe would involve entering some seriously new territory. I also wasn’t certain that the recipe would work: with nothing to stick the meat to the dog, what's to keep the hamburger from falling off and meeting a hot, charcoaled death?


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