Saveur's Not-Blog Is, in Fact, a Blog

saveur-blogBack in June, Merri Lee Kingsley maintained that Saveur would not be launching a blog but instead a "content aggregator" as part of their redesign that went up today.

In the redesign announcement, Editor-in-Chief James Oseland does indeed call it a blog: "The Feed also keeps you up-to-date on the latest culinary discoveries, shared by regular contributors who are passionate about their topics. For example, organic butchers will be blogging about their favorite carnivorous content on the Web." So... yep it's a blog. There's commenting, permalinks, but why no RSS?

It's basically quick-hit reblogging with their own content thrown in. And unfriendly in that they force readers to click through to get to the external site. They're calling it The Feed.

Will Time Out's The Feed blog take issue with the naming like they did when The Feedbag launched? Likely!



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  1. Funny. When I was doing some consulting work for Conde Nast, the internet group wanted to do a style/fashion blog. But apparently Anna Wintour hated the word "Blog" so she insisted that they come up with another word for it. Obviously "blogs" are only appreciated by the common man...

  2. JasonS

    If it looks like a blog, tastes like a blog... it must be a blog. But at least it looks interesting.

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