Terrell Owens' Cereal: T.O.'s Honey Nut Toasted Oats


The back of the box. OM NOM.

terrell-owens-cereal-tos-box-frontTerrell Owens, the vainglorious but talented* wide receiver who this season will be playing for the Buffalo Bills, not only has a new reality series on VH1, The TO Show, but also now has his very own cereal: T.O.'s Honey Nut Toasted Oats.

The low-fat cereal was officially unveiled last week to an adoring and raucous crowd (see the bizarre video below), where Owens told them, "This is better than being on a box of Wheaties to me... I feel more pressure selling these boxes of T.O.'s than I do scoring touchdowns."

Sold exclusively at the Tops Friendly Market grocery store chain in upstate New York, PLB Sports is also selling T.O.'s cereal online, $5 for two boxes. PLB Sports, a product development food brokerage company, was also responsible for Flutie Flakes, the surprise-hit frosted corn flakes cereal named after quarterback Doug Flutie.

Ty Ballou, president and CEO of PLB Sports, in an oddly informative interview with Newsweek, reveals how they decide which product gets paired with which sports celebrity (Ben Roethlisberger's beef jerky, Pedro Martinez's salsa, etc) and offers details about the ethics clause in the contract to deal with a potential "Phelps-Kellogg moment."

Asked about the naming, Ballou said, "His name kind of made it easy. A honey-nut oat, which is similar to a Honey Nut Cheerio, is an extremely popular cereal profile. We knew we wanted to go with a pretty sweet cereal that would appeal to kids as well as adults. It kind of lined up. People say, what do you call it? Well, of course you call it T.Os. It's simple. It's easy."

Video: The Unveiling of T.O.'s

*according to The Gurgling Cod, a fan of the football

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  1. Got a chance to pick up a box of this cereal for the fun of it yesterday. Shocked to see that the top of the box seems to be hinting that Terrell Owens may only have one good season left in his career:


    Wonder how long his cereal will be good for?


      • Tasted about the same as most generic "honey-nut oat" cereals. A little too sweet, no richness in the flavor like Cheerios. But the $$ goes to charity so who cares if it's not great - help TO help the children!

        You can hear our taste test in our next podcast episode on 8/10; we'll be linking to this page to share your great summary of this cereal "launch" event!

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