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Publisher Kraken Opus — whose slogan is "The most luxurious series of publications ever created" — has announced that they'll be publishing a book on wine that will retail for an astounding $1 million.

The book, weighing 66 pounds, will highlight the top 100 wineries in the world and come with six bottles from each winery, presumably driving up the astronomical price tag. But is it worth it?

Assuming the Wine Opus costs about the same amount as their other titles, it would cost approximately $2000 without the wine chaser. Divide what's left of the $1m between the 600 bottles of wine, and you get an average of $1663 per bottle. For comparison, the most expensive, standard-sized bottle on, a Dom. de la Romanee Conti La Tache Grand Cru 2004, retails for $1,579, but the second priciest, a Château Mouton Rothschild Pauillac 2005, is a comparative bargain at $749.

So, it seems potentially overpriced by the individual bottle. The wines have yet to be selected, however. At a meeting in London in 2010, "48 of the greatest sommeliers from every major wine-producing nation will devise a list of the world's top 100 vineyards" which will determine which wines will be included.

But hey, who are we to tell you how to spend your money? Only 100 copies will be printed, and 25 have already been pre-ordered. Some are reserved for auction, so hurry up and break open that piggy bank today if you want one.

—Paula Forbes

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  1. maxpickle

    "But is it worth it?" Nope. Not unless it comes with a sommelier to open said wine.

  2. Paula

    Ha, you totally one upped them. Most Luxurious Series of Publications FAIL.

  3. I hope shipping/handling, taxes and insurance is in the $1m price tag

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