The Foodspotting iPhone App Looks a Lot Like Other Stuff


Foodspotting is a yet-to-be released iPhone app that seems promising in that it takes full advantage of the macro lens and geolocation and what have you. It even won an award for "Best Social iPhone App" at a recent developer hackathon event. So it's got that going for it.

The concept and the name, however, are awfully similar to the big daddy TasteSpotting (or its clone, Foodgawker). One of the people behind Foodspotting, Alexa Andrzejewski, also "collects and curates" the Tumblog Stuff That Looks Like Other Stuff. She apparently has a great sense of personal irony.

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  1. Jamie P

    What the hell? TasteSpotting, if they had lawyers, should just shut the thing down.

  2. While I'm open to better name ideas, the use case is very different: Foodspotting is a new kind of local guide, not a food p*rn site.

    I love tastespotting. But as a site about food bloggers' and food creators' beautiful photos, it wasn't meant to solve my "Where can I find the best ___" problem or to serve as a picture menu for any restaurant.
    Whatever I call it, my hope is simply to address some unmet needs by engaging foodies in the "foodspotting" hobby!


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